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Solution from Brickcells

We  are producing and promoting a product which optimizing  harmful dissolved gases like Hydrogen sulphide,  Ammonia due the presence of Humic Substance and probiotics like Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas, act  against bacterial and fungal pathogens and harmful algal bloom and algal crash; providing  excellent immunity and tissue health to the growing fishes due to the presence of quality humic substance in our product. The product provides steady plankton growth due to presence of  multi micro minerals and organic carbon in ready to uptake form, without depleting dissolved oxygen or producing harmful dissolved gasses, because it is resistant to further decompose.


The product is addressing several problems related to aquaculture. There is no such single product available to the fish farmers by which they can solve all these problems in a very user friendly way and in such a cost effective way. The very product is a enriched form of vermicast from particular origin of earth worms.  Vermicompost has been used as pond manure in very few aquaculture sector only for plankton growth, but  Brickcells Technologies Pvt.Ltd has introduced first time this form of enriched vermicast ( HUMIC FEED-O-FERT)  in aquaculture to reduce the volume of vermicompost and the time  needed for plankton growth and also addressing all those problems related to pond ecology has been already  mentioned above.

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