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About Us

Executive Summary: Brickcells Technologies Pvt.Ltd , producing humified natural,non chemical, bio-active nutrient cum pond conditioner which acts on multiple parameter of aquaculture: increasing yield of fish,controlling pond pollution due to dissolved harmful gases,controlling fish diseases,controlling mass mortality of fishes,controlling harmful algal bloom, increasing immunity of growing fishes,increasing live weight of fishes,decreasing cost of production;providing an unique sustainable and profitable solution in a single product which is very easy to use and address various problems facing by the fish farmers

Market need: Aqua culture has gain a special attention for better livelihood to the rural community as well as to meet the protein demand of the nation,accordingly the conventional practice of fish farming is now a days shifting to semi intensive and intensive fish culture to meet the growing demand of fishes . excessive load of fish, feed,chemicals,excreta of aquatic organism can deteriorated fish pond environment even in every short run ,causing fish diseases,mass mortality of fishes. according to the feed back from the end user ,the market need is increasing rapidly,because there is no such solution available in the market which would be capable to solve all the problems altogether by a single,easy to use and cost effective product.

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