Brickcells Technologies Pvt Ltd

Eco friendly sustainable and profitable aquaculture

Brickcells Technologies incubated at IIM Calcutta innovation park has invented a excellent product branded Humic Feed o Fert to make the aquaculture more profitable and sustainable.
Since 2015 Humic Feed o Fert is being consumed by various sector in aquaculture though pan India. It is being remarkably successful in IMC , Shrimp culture.
Now it is also proving its magic in new age culture of biofloc.
It can also be applied in Perl culture .It reduced amonia. Keep ph in balance all the time and maintains all the parameters needed to be main tain to get a successful culture in pond as well as in biofloc.
This product is tested and certified by University of Burdwan . It is been proven by the scientist that the products works amazingly in POND and Biofloc culture .
Growing healthy fishes in optimum stocking desnsity with a good test is now possible by Humic Feed O Fert in both the POND and Biofloc culture.
Farmers are achieving beyond their expectation in terms of production.
Farmers are producing export quality fishes in POND and Biofloc tank .

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