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Gas Pond to Cash Pond
Welcome to brickcell
Sustainable and profitable aqua culture
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About us

Brickcells Technologies Pvt.Ltd provides a unique, sustainable and profitable solution to address various problems faced by the fish farmers. The Company works to reduce the cost of production with its humified natural,non-chemical, bio-active nutrient-cum-pond conditioner which satisfies multiple parameters of aquaculture such as increasing yield of fish,controlling pond pollution due to dissolved harmful gases,controlling fish diseases and mass mortality of fishes by eradicating harmful algal bloom and increasing immunity of fishes.


we have been utilizing the benefits of vermi-technology, enriched pure worm-cast of particular origin blended with pro-biotics, phytohormones ,humic acid from natural resources.


For earthen ponds and aqua culture


For Tank based biofloc culture

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